Dr. Regina Case-Rupert, DVM/Owner

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Regina Case DVM is the owner/practitioner of Megan’s Landing Vet Clinic. Doctor Case graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. Doctor Case opened the clinic in 2008 after practicing at other clinics in the Pensacola area. Doctor Case lives in Pensacola with her husband Angus Rupert who is a retired Naval captain with a PhD in neurophysiology. They have two children: Kylie and Yuri. Doctor Case enjoys spending time with her family and doing things around her mini farm.



Kim joined our team as a customer service representative in May of 2018. She has over ten years of experience in the veterinary field and is especially passionate about working and herding breed dogs. At home, Kim has six fur-babies. The german shepards, Iwan & Aja; the beagles, Jolene & Boone; and the cats, Persnickety & Smokey. Her hobbies include nature, hiking, camping, and relaxing at the beach with her husband. Her special interests include: obedience and training, heartworm prevention, and working breed dogs.


Christine joined the Megan’s Landing technician team in May of 2018. She has been caring for Pensacola’s pet population since 2006 and sincerely enjoys educating clients about how to keep their pets healthy and happy. Christine has two cats, Whiskers and Target, plus her main man Brody, an english pointer/pit bull mix. She is married to the love of her life Frank and stays involved in her adult children’s lives. Her favorite activity is cycling which keeps her on the up and up so she can care for those who count on her. Her special interests in include: canine dental health, heartworm prevention, and healthy weight loss.

Jamie G

Sharon G

Sharon is a Pensacola native with an Associate’s degree in Pre-Med from Pensacola State College and a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation from the University of Florida. She has been working as a technician in the veterinary field for over 11 years, including working closely with rescues and wildlife groups to offer medical care to animals in need. Her special interests include: wildlife/exotic medicine, newborn/juvenile kitten care, and feline behavior.

Clinic Cats Olive & Archie

Clinic Cats Olive & Archie are an integral part of the Megan’s Landing team and serve as the official welcome crew to staff and clients alike.

Olive is the (unofficial) clinic manager and computer technician. She enjoys overseeing patient records, taste-testing new food and treat choices, napping in sunny windows, and training her human staff to attend to her every whim.

Archie on the other hand, prefers to live the quiet life. He can often be seen napping in his favorite fluffy bed and sneaking drinks from the faucet. Their special interests include: grooming, keyboard napping, & cat grass.